Peruvian agency boosts natural gas conversion in Lima

admin 2016-01-19 11:25

    The Social and Energy Inclusion Fund (FISE, as in its Spanish acronym) will finance the conversion of vehicles to use CNG.This was announced by Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin), in its role as temporary administrator of the FISE.

    “We launched the CNG compressor based Vehicle Conversion program, which will allow drivers who provide public transportation, like taxis, access funding to convert their cars. In this way, we contribute to the widespread use of natural gas, giving recipients a safer, cheaper and less polluting fuel,”said Victor Murillo, head of FISE Project.To access this benefit the vehicle must use petrol or LPG, be authorized to transport passengers, less than 10 years old and pass technical pre-inspection at the workshop where the NGV conversion will be performed.

    “The funding will cover the cost of a sequential conversion kit and cylinder, initial certification, installation service, training and guarantees.The beneficiary can return of the amount funded in five years with a legal effective rate,” explained Murillo.

    As a first step, the program considers the selection and certification of workshops that will perform the conversions, so that the security and quality of service is guaranteed.

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