WEH® TK17 CNG fueling nozzle

admin 2016-01-20 15:02

    The TK17 CNG fueling nozzle for cars is today's world market leader providing outstanding ease of (single-handed) operation. It has been winning customers from all over the globe for more than 10 years now. In Germany, where the NGV market is well established, nearly all CNG stations are equipped with this unique pistol grip nozzle. In the growing European and American markets the innovative nozzle is being very well received.

    Maximum safety, reliability and operator convenience are all given top priority by WEH design engineers when developing new products. The WEH culture of high quality then extends to the workmanship and exclusive use of high-grade materials. So the natural result of this philosophy is a highly durable unit with minimal maintenance and downtime whilst providing optimal operator safety.

    Operation is single-handed and very simple. Just remove the fueling nozzle from the dispenser mounting and engage it to the receptacle. An integrated swivel joint facilitates handling and allows for the fuelling nozzle to be turned to the best position for comfortable fueling. Retract the actuation lever for filling to begin. The gas produced by CNG compressor will only flow through the fuel line if a safe and pressure-tight connection is established. When filling is finished, the fuelling nozzle can be disconnected once pressure venting of the system is complete.

    Thanks to extremely high flow rates, vehicle refueling is fast and efficient. The filling procedure can be safely and easily interrupted or terminated at any time. The nozzle is designed to prevent accidental use outside its predetermined pressure range. Visual codes are used to distinguish nozzle types. Those designed exclusively for 200 bar are coded black whilst those for 250 bar are coded yellow.

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