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Well-head Gas Recovery/Gathering Compressor


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  Oil companies across the globe vent casinghead gas in order to increase production from older wells.Our company has many years experience helping operators capture this vent gas – both maximizing the value of the vent gas & increasing oil production.
  Casinghead Gas - most mature formations produce more oil if the gas pressure on the casing (annulus) is reduced. This is often accomplished by venting the casinghead gas at or near the wellhead. Our wellhead/casinghead gas recovery compressor unit can automatically reduce back pressure in the well annulus,allowing gas and fluids to flow easily into the well bore, significantly increasing production,allowing the well bore to remain clear and stable, resulting in a steady flow of gas and fluids.

Typical Specifications

 Compressor Code


 Compressor Type

 D Type Horizontal Symmetric Balanced Structure

 Compressing Stage


 Inlet Pressure

 0.3~0.5MPa (Design Point 0.4MPa)

 Discharge Capacity

 680~1080 Nm3/h (Design Point 880Nm3/h)

 Shaft Power

 79~105KW (Design Point 92KW)

 Main Motor Power


 Cooling Method

 Gas: Air Cooling or Water Cooling; Cylinder: Natural Cooling

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