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CNG Cylinder for Vehicle

1.Big diameter 2.Large volume 3.Light weight 4.High safety 5.Low service expenses
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This type of cylinder is composed of steel liner and wrapped layer. 
They are widely used in cars, buses and trucks.
The cylinder adopts advanced equipment and techniques and fully meets the requirements 
of international standard(ISO11439). By applying the techniques of the CNC fiber winding 
and high temperature curing, the product has high quality and best appearance.
1.Big diameter 
2.Large volume 
3.Light weight 
4.High safety 
5.Low service expenses

Water capacity(L) 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 90 120
Length of cylinder(mm) 725 790 855 915 980 1050 1110 1175 1305 1690
External Diameter of Internal Bladder(mm) Φ325
External Diameter(mm) Φ336
Standard ISO & GB

Water capacity(L) 65 70 75 80 90 100 140
Length of cylinder(mm) 855 910 960 1015 1120 1230 1655
External Diameter of Internal Bladder(mm) Φ356
External Diameter(mm) Φ368
Standard ISO & GB

Water capacity(L) 80 85 90 100 120 210 230
Length of cylinder(mm) 835 875 915 1000 1165 1935 2105
External Diameter of Internal Bladder(mm) Φ406
External Diameter(mm) Φ418
Standard ISO & GB
The above values are only for reference.Please contact us for the more details.

The CNG Cylinders are too numerous to enumerate.

If you have any specific requirements for a CNG Cylinder for Vehicle, please feel free to contact   us( with your query. 
We also supply other series CNG Cylinders for Vehicle,many types of them. 

1.The compressor can enter into container, we adopt simple and rain-proof package.
2.If the compressor can not enter into container, the goods will be transported by train or other way, we adopt wooden or iron plate package.

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